Tambour door

Plastic tambour door system

design variability

wide range and combination of guide, balancing systems and decors

  • suitable for every type of cabinet
  • choice of different slat widths (20,24,25,45 a 50 mm)
  • decor:
    • uni-colours (plastic slats 25 a 45 mm wide)
    • Noble matt (plastic slats 45mm wide)
    • woodgrain (plastic slats 45mm wide)
    • metallic line (plastic slats with aluminium foil, width 20,25 and 50mm)

delivery options - solutions for any size

  • KOOBOX - new (cassette system with balancing mechanism), product line for any size of plastic tambour and metalic line tambour
  • FIX SET : customised tambour
  • typed BOX Rehau (cassette system wih balancing mechanism C3)-product series for typed dimensions metalic line, Noble mat, Crystal line
  • SIZE : tambour delivered in profile lengths 2,5m

Pracujeme s materiálem firmy

Aluminium tambour door system

100 % Aluminium design

unique combination of elegant appearance and durable material

  • thanks to the anodised surface they are also suitable for bathrooms and exteriros
  • all-aluminium slats guarantee higher strenght
  • perforated slats are also avaible to allow ventilation

delivery options - solution for any size, customised tambour

  • BOX (cassette system): only with loaded wiring system
  • SET: with loaded guidance system only


Wood tambour door system

wood - a return to the traditional material of furniture makers

as a natural material, it offers not only a stylish and functional solution for your interior

  • finish - veneer, solid wood
  • surface:
    • veneer - three-layer plywood with lacquered finish
    • solid wood- lacquered finish
    • without finish (possibility of completing the final look)
  • material thickness : 6 mm

delivery options - solutions for any size, customised tambours 

  • BOX (cassette system): only with loaded guide system
  • SET: with loaded and inserted (milled) guide system 

Glass tambour door system

unique design

he highly attractive material glass elevates your interior to another dimension

  • the modern look is provided by the surface - sandblasted glass (satinato), gloss (black, white, magnolia, silver) and translucent black
  • precision workmanship
  • comfortable operation
  • original appearance

delivery variants - product lines for standardised dimensions


  • GLASS BOX (cassette system) - only with loaded wiring system
  • VETRO LINE (REHAU cassette system) - only with loaded guide system

Special tambour door system

solving non-standard requirements

where others leave off, we still have something to offer

  • painted tambour - colour unification - colour matching to other elements in the interior
  • electro tambour - comfort - easy operation by remote control
  • outdoor tambour - extreme conditions (requirements, environment) - dimensional stability and strength, weather resistance
  • photo tambour - originality -  unique aesthetic accessory to complete a creative space

Delivery variants - solutions for any size, customized tambour




customized cassette system


complete tambourine box including preset balancing mechanism 

  • simple and quick assembly
  • individual dimension - we increase the limits for the tambourine width
  • wide choice of decors - up to 5x more stock decors
  • the height of the box (worm) is 120 mm
    • TOP system
    • FRAME system
    • possibility of painting