Wood tambour door system

wood - a return to the traditional material of furniture makers

as a natural material, it offers not only a stylish and functional solution for your interior

  • finish - veneer, solid wood
  • surface:
    • veneer - three-layer plywood with lacquered finish
    • solid wood- lacquered finish
    • without finish (possibility of completing the final look)
  • material thickness : 6 mm

delivery options - solutions for any size, customised tambours 

  • BOX (cassette system): only with loaded guide system
  • SET: with loaded and inserted (milled) guide system 

Map of tambour door system D

TAMBOUR MAP- quick and clear overview of tambour system options


konfigurátor rolet MAX




  • we offer professional installation of tambours by our technician
  • price of the service - see valid price list

Assembly instructions

4 steps to assembly

Technical catalog