Glass tambour door system

unique design

he highly attractive material glass elevates your interior to another dimension

  • the modern look is provided by the surface - sandblasted glass (satinato), gloss (black, white, magnolia, silver) and translucent black
  • precision workmanship
  • comfortable operation
  • original appearance

delivery variants - product lines for standardised dimensions


  • GLASS BOX (cassette system) - only with loaded wiring system
  • VETRO LINE (REHAU cassette system) - only with loaded guide system

Map of tambour door system

TAMBOUR MAP - quick and clear overview of tambour system options


Complete offer of glass tambour is not part of the shop - please order through the configurator or by e-mail.



  • we offer professional installation of tambours by our technician
  • price of the service - see valid price list

Configurator tambour door systém

konfigurátor rolet MAX